Golf Physiotherapy

Improve your golf game

Improve your golf game with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Assessment/Screening with our Level 1 TPI Certified Golf Physiotherapist, Luke Stephens.

If you are struggling with an injury that is impacting your ability to play golf, or looking to find ways to improve your swing, handicap, and ability to play and enjoy golf, this is the perfect program to assist you with your golfing goals.

Solutions for the golf enthusiast

  • TPI Golf Assessment/Screening: A thorough full-body assessment to determine your current level of mobility, strength, coordination, and movement quality, identifying your current limiting factors for golf. This includes a Swing Analysis to understand the mechanics behind your swing and how your full body assessment can influence these factors.
  • Injury Rehabilitation: A comprehensive physiotherapy program and treatment plan to assist in returning to golf from any injuries that may be impacting your ability to play.
  • Personalised Golf Exercise Programs: Individualised exercise programs developed through the TPI Assessment/Screening and any present injuries to not only return you to golf but also improve any limitations, enhancing your ability to play and perform on the golf course.
  • Performance Development: Testing of factors to determine an individualised exercise program aimed at improving flexibility, swing speed, and strength to aid in developing athletic fitness and golf performance.

What are the benefits of Golf Physiotherapy with Hiya Health?

  • Recover from injuries stopping you from playing golf
  • Reduce the risk of golf injuries from occurring
  • Improve swing mechanics and ball striking
  • Increase distance on your shots
  • Enhance golf fitness for better performance and longevity in golf
  • Improve coordination and balance

If you work with a golf coach, we will get in touch with them for you to ensure that you have a team working together to help improve your game.

Who we work with:


Golfers with persistent injuries


Golfers looking to improve performance and scoring


Female golfers


Golfers returning from injuries


Junior golfers


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