Strength, Conditioning & Fitness

Strength, conditioning and fitness at Hiya Health

We focus on designing exercises tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity. Ours is an intelligent, scientific and measure approach to progress your health & fitness goals in a sustainable and enduring manner.

We offer:

  • One on one sessions
  • Training with a partner
  • Semi Personal Training
  • Group Training

Hiya Health Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists have the knowledge and experience to design the correct program for YOU with the correct exercises, at the right time, to suit your body, mind and lifestyle. All of our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists are degree qualified with extensive knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on offering advanced, evidence based principles for superior results.

Some of the conditions we can help with


Neurological conditions


Chronic Disease Management


Paediatric conditions


Youth / Long term athlete development


Workplace Injuries


Pain Management


Healthy Ageing


Performance enhancement and late stage rehabilitation

Strength conditioning and fitness with exercise physiologist

Our experienced team

Our Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology team are driven by getting you the results you’re after. They have the experience and skills that span multiple specialty areas of healthcare and rehabilitation. When you enter our clinics you will notice they are fit out with the best of evidence-based, state of the art equipment. We believe a great experience is matching an experienced clinician who has a passion for your condition, with the best equipment and facilities available, to create great outcomes for you “our clients”.

exercise physiologist with teen client

Our point of difference

Hiya Health is a unique private practice that truly has the skills, facilities and technologies to help everyone in our community achieve their goals. We are perfectly placed to work with various neurological, sports, musculoskeletal, women’s health, paediatric, vestibular, metabolic, cardiovascular and persistent pain conditions. We also have the expertise and technologies to help identify injury risks or performance barriers for the professional athlete or weekend warrior.

Our leading edge facilities

When you walk inside you’ll see wide open gym floors with all the equipment needed to get you strong, mobile and back to your goals no matter your level. Our gyms have all the things you would expect from a high performance facility. What makes us special though, is our accessibility with specialised neurological plinths, ceiling mounted hoists, paediatric play based spaces, and sensory rooms. If you need some “Hands-on care” we also have private treatment rooms, so no awkward curtain cubicles.


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What happens next?


Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Our physiotherapist will get to know you, your goals, and your limitations. This first appointment will be a mix of conversations and testing. This allows us to come up with “The Plan”.


Let’s get started on your journey to better health / performance

Our physiotherapist will come up with your individualised treatment plan and once your happy, begin to implement this with you. This is usually in the first 1-2 sessions.

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