Rebrand FAQs

For more information about our recent rebrand, see FAQ’s below



Exciting times ahead! From July 1, we waved goodbye to our name Body Smart Health and welcomed Hiya Health. It’s the same outstanding service and the same incredible team, now with a brand new name.

Why the change? We’re all about staying ahead in Allied Health across South East Queensland, and Hiya Health represents our dedication to a higher standard of therapy, rehab, and exercise to all Australians. 

This rebrand isn’t just about a new name—it’s about realigning with our core values and signalling our dedication to innovation and excellence in allied health services. It represents our commitment to staying at the forefront of our industry, constantly evolving to meet the evolving needs of our clients and communities.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, rest assured that our dedication to your health and wellness remains stronger than ever. Your favourite practitioners are here to stay, delivering the same exceptional treatment, expertise and personalised care you know and love. 

The changes you will notice:

  • Refreshed signage 
  • clinic space updates
  • new uniforms  
  • new website
  • New direct email
  • New social media handles
  • Why is Body Smart Health rebranding to Hiya Health? 
    • The rebrand to Hiya Health is a strategic decision to align our brand with our core values and commitment to innovation and excellence in allied health services.  It reflects our commitment to innovation, excellence, and staying at the forefront of allied health services. This change will help us connect more effectively with our clients and communities. Whilst the rebrand process started as a result of our name being shared with another business, in exploring our branding requirements we found many other benefits in establishing a new brand and identity.
  • How will this rebrand affect the services provided?
    • The rebrand will not affect the quality or range of services we provide. Our commitment to providing exceptional treatment and personalised care remains unchanged. We will continue to deliver the same services with the same high standard of service utilising the same superb team. 
  • What changes will clients notice with the rebrand? 
    • You will notice refreshed signage, updated clinic spaces, new uniforms, a new website, and new social media handles. Our phone number and the excellent care we provide will remain the same. Clients will also receive a new fridge magnet with all our updated contact details on their next clinic visit.
  • How will clients stay informed about the changes? 
    • We will be communicating all changes via email, social media, and our website. Clients are encouraged to follow our new social media handles (these will go live July 1) and save our new contact details. Regular updates and information will be shared to ensure everyone is well-informed throughout the transition.
    • Website:
    • Email: [email protected] 
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram: @hiyahealth__NDIS @hiyahealth__pilates   
    • Phone: 1300 630 204  
    • LinkedIn:
  • Who can I contact if I have more questions about the rebrand? 
    • If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our reception team at 1300 630 204 or email us at [email protected]. Our team is here to assist you with any queries and ensure a smooth transition to Hiya Health.
  • Will the clinic locations remain the same?
    • Yes, all our current clinic locations will remain the same. We continue to serve you from our nine convenient locations across Queensland, ensuring accessibility and continuity of care.
  • Are there any changes to the appointment booking process? 
    • The appointment booking process will remain the same. However, you will notice updates to our online booking system and website to reflect the new Hiya Health branding. These changes aim to enhance your booking experience.
  • How will this rebrand benefit clients and the community? 
    • The rebrand to Hiya Health signifies our commitment to providing modern, integrated, and innovative healthcare solutions. It allows us to better communicate our values and services, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our clients and community with enhanced clarity and purpose.
  • Will there be any new services offered under Hiya Health? 
    • While our core services remain the same, we are always looking to innovate and expand our offerings. Any new services or programs will be communicated through our website, social media, and direct communications to our clients and referrers.