Josephine Tiong


Josie is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Hiya Health working between the Ipswich and Sunnybank Hills clinic. Josie graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 2020 and soon commenced her career at Hiya Health in 2021. 

Josie first developed an interest in health and rehabilitation after a close family member was diagnosed with a progressive lung disease. Since then, Josie stands firm in the belief that exercise is one of the best forms of medicine in chronic disease management and prevention. She prides herself on employing a holistic and patient-centred approach in her practice to help her clients achieve their goals and move towards long-term health related change. She understands that every individual is unique and seeks to create a positive, compassionate and educational environment. 

When Josie’s not at work, you can find her taking photos and spending time with her friends.

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological conditions
  • Paediatrics
  • Women’s Health
  • Chronic disease management

“From a young age, I didn’t have many opportunities to experience an active lifestyle. However, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to sports recreation once I moved to Australia. This shifted my understanding of the importance of looking after our health, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. 

I am thankful for the emphasis Hiya Health places on a multidisciplinary approach to their clientele and the genuine care each practitioner has in helping their clients be the best versions of themselves. There is no greater feeling as an allied health professional than to see our clients achieve something they couldn’t before, knowing the commitment and dedication they put in to achieve it. What I love most about Hiya Health is our all-inclusive and welcoming culture. No matter your age, background, disability or life stage, nobody should feel or be alone in their journey to better health.”


Josie Tiong, Exercise Physiologist